HTC 10 : 24 Hours Later (Better than the Galaxy S7 ?)

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I’ve had my hands on the HTC 10 for 24 hours. This is my detailed review, giving you all the information I’ve learned from the short time I’ve had it to far. In the video I go over the physical hardware features, the software features, and even compare it to the Galaxy S7.
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45 Comments on HTC 10 : 24 Hours Later (Better than the Galaxy S7 ?)

  1. I've owned everything from Samsung to Sony to LG to HTC, etc. I've stayed away from HTC up to this point, for reasons I used to read online. I've got the HTC 10 now, because it has the headphone amp. I like the Display and battery life, but that's about it.

    Doesn't have a RGB notification LED (water duck?), there's an annoying notification when you plug in headphones or play any media that cannot go away without root. Playback with "boomsound" is tinny and unrealistic (if you're an enthusiast, as this is the only phone with a proper headphone amp this year). Camera takes unrealistically processed pictures with light glare (especially in low light) – color balance in auto is wrong, exposure is generally off as well. Coming from LG G4 who got that one right 99% of the time. I feel like this camera is a lot worst.

    The biggest downside for me is definitely the LED notification. I hate it when the phone rings and I used to have a lot of apps on silent and simply used colors to define what that notification is. Have been using my phone like that since 2011. I can't believe that 5 years later, a flagship would not incorporate a full RGB LED. I can live without a perfect camera or silly notifications for marketing purposes, but cannot believe an investment of 10 dollars didn't make the cut in the final product of what should be "a perfect 10".

    I'll still keep my HTC for a bit, but it looks like I'll go back to the LG G4. Sorry HTC.

  2. I really wanted to like this phone, especially as I was upgrading from an HTC One S that I enjoyed for 4 years. Unfortunately the the HTC 10 falls down in several important areas when compared to the S7E. Some of Samsungs own firmware and apps work better, it's faster, the camera is massively superior, OTG is more flexible. The only two areas the HTC won was the speaker audio (I rarely use this) and the metal body. Then, of course, there is the Edge facility which I'm finding surprisingly more useful than I invisaged. For me the S7E is head & shoulders above the HTC 10. Yep, you guessed it, I bought the S7E!

  3. I've actually used the uh-ho program …there is a little bit if a catch tho… you either have to do a deposit of the cost of the phone ($650) or you have to return your device once they get it they'll send you the replacement … so either have a back up phone or have the $$ otherwise you are gonna be without a phone for like 2 weeks

  4. I love the HTC in almost every aspect over the s7 (sense sking, build quality, sound quality). But there are two things which are killer for me, the battery and the camera. And in both of them the s7 edge wins :(

  5. really enjoyed the video. I haven't seen people mention the android 6.1 mode of battery saver. i hope you mention the battery on later htc 10 video, but either way great video.

  6. I had the M7 and from what I saw in the M8 and M9 there was no need or desire to upgrade. I am glad they did NOT go with a finger print button on the back (what about using it with a protective case(?).  The Speakers were an issue with me as to the rumor of losing the duel fronts. But I am ok with this set up and you should check the custom set up for Headphones/Ear buds too.  And I am fine with not having Inductive Charging, removable Battery and extreme water resistance. This camera is a big improvement over the predecessors thankfully. I can live with this device for the next 3+ years easily.

  7. Great vid. Beauty standards are nuts. You wanted to be dark cos you thought that was pretty. I wanted to be lighter cos I thought that was pretty haha. Once you see the world from someone else's eyes, it changes that narrow perspective. Glad you're doing better bro. Take it easy.

  8. From the audio I have heard on reviews, and I know that isn't the same as having it in your hand, I have the feeling that HTC is peeing on my shoes and telling me it's raining. Wish they had put the scanner on the back and retained dual, front facing speakers. I loved the sound of the M8.

  9. Surprised you never talked about the sound due to the speakers being different from its prior models. The Htc One m7 is still in my household and still good. But how do u like the sound? May God Bless you on your health man, you got this. Enjoyed the video!

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