How Wi-Fi Whisperer is able to capture all your Personal Data

How Wi-Fi Whisperer is able to capture all your Personal Data

Moogfest, a festival for art and music that took place quite a few days ago where artists named Surya Mattu and Kyle McDonald demonstrated how our personal tech devices are constantly generating information without our knowledge, helping third parties to exploit them. A brand new device called “Wi-Fi Whisperer,” equipped with antennae that enabled the artists to get hold of such data for exhibiting them in the form of vibrant artworks accompanied by appealing sound for the audience to get fully mesmerized by the show.

Evidently, Wi-Fi connection has become extremely popular among us, let it be an office building, any restaurant or a personal living space; quite surprisingly, people are taken aback without the presence of it. After all, it can be an amazing tool for surviving boredom while also sharing interesting posts with our friends and family members online.


This grand seminar of music and tech hosted in Durham called Moogfest, where these artists publicly demonstrated how our personal data is constantly under threat due to the free distribution of it.

Anybody who passes this “Wi-Fi Whiseperer” device installation in which there is an attached sniffer that  manages to remotely capture all your leaking information for representing those as artworks in front of the audience. And to turn things more serious, an integrated speaker could also “whisper” all your recent online activities if needed.

I am finding this recent invention extraordinarily brilliant, made of 8 Raspberry Pi computers and antennae for trapping the leaked data being constantly distributed from your device.

Wired will show you more extraordinary artworks designed by the artists Surya Mattu and Kyle McDonald who collaborated with another wireless internet network for collecting data with high intensity.

Be aware of businesses that are already using this unethical manner of collecting all those leaked data from your device in order to generate individual a profile about you for themselves. Even trends can be determined with the help of this information.


One of the best methods of ensuring greater security is to keep your Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi switched off when you’re not using them. And also, refrain from connecting with free Wi-Fi spots; moreover, use VPN services like TOR to keep your personal information secured.

You can also find out if your Wi-Fi password has been compromised or not.

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