How To Use Your Android TV – Tips/Tricks

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This is a short tutorial on how to use your Androit Tv/G Box.

I show you how to use apps and add-ons located within XBMC, as well as ShowBox.

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8 Comments on How To Use Your Android TV – Tips/Tricks

  1. What is the trick in getting the MX111 to stream almost everything that I choose to watch? Constantly getting messages that No Streaming available or it just won't play. Getting frustrated!!! Also, It says there is an update but when I go to update , it always shows an error that says Servier or something like that. Help !!! :/ And Thank You !!!

  2. Thanks for the tips! These boxes have so much potential, I have a wired insignia usb keyboard and mouse $13-ebay. It's much better than a faulty remote. Your right IceFilms is a great host, like I just opened a door to a whole new dimension of streaming. Now I will have to wait to see if i can get live NFL. That would be awsome.

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