How To Use Samsung Galaxy S7 (Tutorial)

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This is a long one folks, but worth it. Lots and lots covered in this video! Be sure to watch as much as you can so you don’t miss out. Over 15 things talked about.

Anything not in the video, will be shot at some point and in my Galaxy S7 Playlist.

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15 Comments on How To Use Samsung Galaxy S7 (Tutorial)

  1. Hi Jimmy
    I recently upgraded from Galaxy S5 to the7, yes I'm a little late, lol.
    I was wondering about the text size mode? I'm great with the main text but with subtitle, and summarized texts on internet pages where the minimize to maximize function is unavailable I find difficult to read. the s5 had the option of enlargening the Main and sub texts. where can I find this option on the phone? I only see the option is for main text size change.
    blind as a bat!!!! lol

  2. Thank you Jimmy, your video's are the most helpful. I loved my S7, but I've noticed they did not offer delayed messaging. It boggles the mind as to why they would leave off a very important feature, it was foolish, while adding features the norm could care less about. I'm sure hoping it is there, and I'm just not finding it. Grrrr! Again, thank you.

  3. hi Jimmy, my wife & I just switched to this device from and iPhone and when she sends me videos of our kids thru text the video gets really distorted. Is there a certain way of sending videos without that happening? thanks for your time

  4. I am having a hard time figuring out how to easily add tasks to my calendar (just upgraded from S5 which was really easy to toggle between tasks and events) as phone seems to default to adding events…any suggestions on how to best do this?

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