How to Use Cydia: Beginner Tips and Tricks iOS 7 (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Jailbreak)

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I detail how to use Cydia, the app which comes from jailbreaking an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. This guide is updated for iOS 7, as Cydia has been updated this year (2013) with a new design to match the new iOS 7. I also show some beginner’s tips and tricks. Updated 2016:

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35 Comments on How to Use Cydia: Beginner Tips and Tricks iOS 7 (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Jailbreak)

  1. hello, I need help, as soon as I downloaded cydia, I downloaded biteyourapple and a few other sources, all fine. when I search for an app an try to download it says I have an error dpkg or something, do you know what I should do? 

  2. guys to get cydia your going to have to jailbreak your iphone. if its running 7.1 or higher (iphone 4s upwards) then you will have to run pangu v1.2.1 on your home comp and connect ur mob to it. disable any pass code you have to unlock your iphone before you start. that will jailbreak it and also install cydia. you will then have access to the things you say you cant find.

  3. everytime i try to download something i can't because an error code and then it says ' running debian package ' why can't i get anything i can't upgrade search or do anything ? PLEASE HELP ME ASAP

  4. Hey please help .. I have I pad 4 ios 7.0.4 every time I apply a theme in winterboard and respring nothing happens
    every time it resprings everything is still exactly the same as a normal ios 7 i pad already tried turning summerboard mode off and on
    and still nothing happens.

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