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BlackBerry’s uber-popular BlackBerry Messenger service makes a welcome appearance on the BlackBerry Z10, only this time round, it features BBM Video and Screen Share functionality. Watch this useful Phones 4u video guide to get both of these up and running on your BlackBerry Z10.

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5 Comments on How To Use BBM Video On Your BlackBerry Z10 – Phones 4u

  1. Hi there

    Sorry to hear that you are having an issue with your BlackBerry Z10. It may well be the case that the function is not working on your handset due to your location, but we cannot verify this unfortunately as we are a UK company.
    I would suggest contacting your network provider, they should be able to point out what the problem is on your device.


    Dan N

  2. Hi there Gustavo
    Thanks for your question. Yes, you can use BBM Video over Wi-Fi without a 3g connection. In fact, we always advise that you use a Wi-Fi connection wherever possible in order to avoid excessive data usage on your handset.
    Dan N

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