How To Unlock HTC ONE M9 – Any Carrier or Country

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This Video will show you the process of Carrier unlocking HTC ONE M9 smartphone so you can use it anywhere in the world!

How to Unlock your HTC ONE M9 (SIM Unlock) smartphone click here:

1) Simply visit and select your device from the list and purchase the code.

2) Once you receive the code, insert your sim card that you want to use with the phone and wait for the device to ask you to enter the PIN.

3) Use the code that was sent to you via email and BAM your phone is unlocked immediately and you can use it on the carrier you choose.

Is your Sim Card too big/small? See this video:

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47 Comments on How To Unlock HTC ONE M9 – Any Carrier or Country

  1. i have a verizon locked phone i bought from the stats, and everything seems to work but the 3g or 4d ( mobile data ) dosent what is the issue and can this method work to fix it ? /. i can call sent texts etc . thank you

  2. well not reallz true …does not work from Verizion….any idea how to unlock M9…..even reboot does not work on phone from verizion. is that because CDMA? Is there anzone that know how to make it possible

  3. i bought htc one m9 verizon(unlocked),so by the time i use it here in philippines i put other sim card, it says sim card not verizon, i cant use data connection and text messaging, i mean whats the use of unlocked version of verizon if i cant use it in any country, please help

  4. i've looked at so many videos and articles and tutorials on unlocking htc m9, but nothing works. so first, people need to specify the carrier for the guide they are putting out, and second, people need to stop putting out videos and instructions that say it's possible to do it with any carrier, because that is completely false. i have determined after so long looking around that verizon has banned & blocked the unlocking of their version of M9. so all the web pages that say how to unlock the M9 are for carriers other than verizon. i keep hearing the only way to do it for the verizon M9 is with java card. it's been long enough that this phone has been released, why hasn't any cracker/hacker figured it out yet for this model? HTC6535LVW, android 5.1

  5. Hey, I tried this on my M9 which was locked to o2 (UK), I put in a vodaphone sim card because it was the only nano sim i had access to and I unlocked the phone. I then cut my Three sim card and put it in, no service or limited service. Help?

  6. so I've been looking to get a discount on a new m9 online, when it says unlocked, it doesn't imply that the device has been opened and tampered with, i ask this because when it says new next to the device, but based off this information wouldn't it have to be opened and handled to certain extent, i want it for verizon which is what it says the cell phone is for.

  7. Quality of the videos have been amazing recently. btw what editing software do you use? Someone asked that in one of your videos and you never answered. im really curious. Thanks!

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