How to Take Better Instagram Pictures| Tips & Tricks| Ashley Klaty

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Here’s how to take better Instagram Pictures. I’m here to share some tips and tricks with you on how to create an awesome instagram picture!! Let’s get this video to 30 likes!!!

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Creating instagram pictures can be a struggle sometimes so here are a few of my favorite tips and tricks to taking an awesome instagram picture!!!
Tips and tricks for better instagram photos:

44 Comments on How to Take Better Instagram Pictures| Tips & Tricks| Ashley Klaty

  1. This was perfect!! I looove that reflector tip–definitely going to be trying that one! And I like the idea of switching up the angle or perspective. I love your instagram feed and these tips were super helpful!! :)

  2. Wow! What a difference the reflector makes!!! I can't stand when I love a photo but have to crop it down to the point that ruins it for Instagram. 🙁 Haha I hate when I have a pole growing out of me head lol. LOVED this video Ashley!! xx

  3. Awesome video. But the sound was weird. I only heard your voice on the left side of my headphones and music in both. Maybe you can figure out what happened. Love you♥♥♥

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