How to Speed up Your Android Device Without Installing any software!

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Today video I show you how to speed up your slow phone. I show you few tips to get your phone faster, with these tricks you can easily speed up your slow phone. so first of
all delete those apps you’re not using. because these apps running in the background and take lots of space. so how to delete these apps go to your settings. tap on apps. here I delete my appy geek apps because I don’t use this app. now go back and go to storage & USB hit on internal storage and hit on cached data and clear all cached data. because cached data take lots of internal storage. Delete all large file, duplicate file,temporary file,Junk files. if you have running widgets on your background and you
don’t need this widget pls remove this widget. because it’s effect on your device speed. next remove background apps. too many running background apps effect on your device. next, update your smartphone firmware. because update fixes some bug fixes and adds the new feature. so go to your mobile settings, go…

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