How To – Set up Chromecast Audio

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Get started with Google’s new Chromecast Audio, a device that lets any speaker stream music over Wi-Fi.

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24 Comments on How To – Set up Chromecast Audio

  1. I was questioning Chromecast Audio at first but it's really a smart buy. It makes any speaker with a 3.5mm a wifi speaker. I'll take Wifi audio quality over bluetooth anyday. Which is why I use my Apple TV for Airplaying music or using Apple music on the ATV. Making any dumb speaker with a 3.5mm smart with this though could be phenomenal.

  2. The TV commercials do not do a good job of letting the potential buyer know how to use this. I thought it was a cheap bluetooth speaker. If you already have a bluetooth speaker then the only reason a person would want a Chromecast Audio is so that they don't have their music interrupted by annoying notification noises or phone calls. However, you must be plugged into the wall in order to use it so it is not ideal for outdoor parties and the like. There are equally good bluetooth speakers for around the same price as this device. It may not sound as great as the more expensive devices but at least it is portable. I was thinking that if this device was reasonably affordable I would get one, but now that I know how it works I think I'll pass.

  3. Has missed couple of important points. (1) Initially, your iOs/Anroid device can only talk to Chromecast Audio via bluetooth, to set it all up. Only after the setup is done, then you do business over the wifi network. (2) It comes only with ONE 3.5mm patch cable. You most likely need to buy adapters (3.5mm-to-stereoRCA, or 3.5mm-to-Optical) for your AV receivers/speakers.

  4. For anyone saying why not a Bluetooth speaker. For one they have terrible sound quality and the range is awful. This doesn't drain your battery because it's streaming from the Internet not your phone. Which means no hearing notifications and etc over your music. Plus can turn any normal speakers into a smart one.

  5. Why would you cast audio to that and then plug headphones into it? Seems like a useless feature. Just eliminate the middle man and plug your headphones into your phone.

  6. Wouldn't a Bluetooth audio receiver be better? That way it can be used on any speaker or car audio interface that has a 3.5mm input jack. Also, without wifi, wouldn't the chromecast audio be rendered useless?

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