How to Root the HTC One M8 (All-in-One Toolkit Method)

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Thanks to HTC’s amazing policy on unlocking bootloaders (essentially that they promise to always allow you to do so), rooting an HTC device isn’t too hard and the HTC One M8 is no different. It may seem like a lot of steps, but they are all relatively easy and fool proof (since we don’t have to hack the device, again, thanks to HTC allowing us to do this).

In this procedure we’ll be using Hasoon’s All-in-One toolkit to help automate the process of unlocking the bootloader of the HTC One M8, then flashing a custom recovery, and then installing SuperSU to manage what applications get root permissions, etc.

Why should you do this you ask? Well, a lot of reasons including:

Remove apps that were preinstalled by your carrier/manufacturer from your device.
Free up storage space (because of the…

47 Comments on How to Root the HTC One M8 (All-in-One Toolkit Method)

  1. If anyone is following this thread still I'm not able to Get Token ID. I never get the prompt to allow this computer access. I tried the Revoke USB debugging authorizations method with no success.

  2. Does anyone know how to get past the "perm root" issue. This when you click run on perm root, but the Phone cant load in the recovery, and instead the battery symbol flashes. I can restart my phone but cant get past this and complete the tutorial. Some how I feel this is the most important step.

  3. When I get to the final step and my phone tries to start up in recovery it goes to a black screen and the battery symbol (with lightning bolt inside) flashes on screen. The battery is fully charged and is plugged in. To get my phone to turn back on, I have to unplug then hold the power button. I've tried entering recovery mode on its own and I get the same issue. Anyone else? Any help?

  4. I tried to update to marshmallow and is stuck on bootlogo mode it won't let me factory reset it comes back on that mode it won't let me do anything at. Anyone can help please

  5. for those that all in one toolkit didn't work for them or doesnt proved drivers anymore just try out windroid toolkit simple , ez and 100% working cheeck it on xda forums but be carful because it will erase all your data so backup your phone first and gl :D

  6. I'm desperate buddy I'm from Mexico and I close the first command prompt screen and appears the second one but my token id is not in, appears an Error message and I have everything I need to do this as you, What can I do please help me. My cellphon is HTC sensetion with android 2.3.4

  7. thanx alot bro for those who are looking for if this works in marshmallow it dose i just installed and u dont have the fast reboot option but thats ok it works anyway….:) njoy

  8. Hey Nice Work!
    I have a problem with my HTC M8. My phone is stuck on recovery Andriod page. I asked some people and they told me i need to download row 4 on my phone. Please help any way you can. Thanks in advance for your help!

  9. I had the no su binary problem. so I tired installing the 2.4 version of supersu by flashing through TWRP. so I tried uninstalling the earlier version by deleting it and now my phone won't start up. it's just stuck in the HTC loading screen. Any Ideas how fix this? +TheUnlockr

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