How to replace xiaomi redmi note 3G/4G LCD if Broken/damaged (D.I.Y tutorial)

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This video will help you to know how to replace the broken LCD of xiaomi redmi note 3G/4G ..its a laminated display so its hard to separate LCD from digitizer its better to buy LCD ONE UNIT(LCD+DIGITIZER)comes as LCD unit

28 Comments on How to replace xiaomi redmi note 3G/4G LCD if Broken/damaged (D.I.Y tutorial)

  1. hey! where can i get those lcd and touchpanel? i have a redmi note 4g single sim, and i need to replace my lcd bcoz too of too many lines, but my touchpanel is working perfectly.. im from the philippines, thanks anyway!

  2. I want to know.. I have touchscreen of redmi note 4g. But not the lcd display. I have only touchscreen so how to replace it. I like your videos so i subscribed you.. Plzzz help

  3. #Life21 i broke my phone LCD redmi note 3g can i replace it.. if i can where will i found only LCD i think there will be no Redmi LCD in our local market so wher will i buy the LCD pless help waiting for your reply and i'm from northeast ……

  4. redmi note 3g display is working totally fine but my touch is not working… is there any loose connections in between screen and motherboard or i need to change the whole display……. (before this i faced the same problem and it was service centers fault as they connected the cable loose)……plzzz help bro asap….ur the only hope

  5. Hey great tutorial. I have a Redmi 2 Prime, how many millimeters thick should be my double sided tape? I'm ordering all the parts now and should have my phone repaired soon! (My LCD is cracked, digitizer and screen are fine.)

  6. Sir pls help me ,accidentally my mobile fall into water (top portion), after that i remove battery, clear the water log (little bit) on motherboard with heat blower ,now all working except 2g 3g network ,what is the problem ,

  7. Network drop drastically in redmi 1s I went to service center but they will not able to solve my problem. Sometimes it shows 0 signal. Sometimes it shows full signal. U r only hope for me. What should I do

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