How to replace Sony Xperia Z3 Compact LCD Screen? – Repair Tutorial

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Fix the cracked Sony Xperia Z3 mini LCD screen step by step. Following this video you can do repair broken Xperia Z3 mini screen yourself. Get original Xperia Z3 Compact LCD screen with digitizer replacement part at . If you want to get a cheap one you can take CUSTOM one from third-party at

00:05 Step 1 Remove back cover
Heat up four edges at 150 degrees for one minute.
00:40 Step 2 Unscrew five Phillips screws
00:52 Release NFC flex
00:53 Step 3 Remove back frame
01:11 Release screen cable
Pry open a small gap for passing the screen cable through it.
01:21 Step 4 Remove the broken screen
Heat up the edges at 150 degrees for three minutes.
Pry the screen up from the top edge; so heat up the top again for one minute.
02:28 Step 5 Remove the earpiece.
02:42 Step 6 Install earpiece
Cut a piece of 3M or front housing adhesive sticker for fastening the earpiece.
02:53 Put the…

20 Comments on How to replace Sony Xperia Z3 Compact LCD Screen? – Repair Tutorial

  1. Am gonna change my back cover soon.its shattered. Then check pressure test. I read thats how u know if its still waterproof. Dial ##7378423## to get to test. Numbers should rise when squeezing phone.if in doubt, i may consider putting clear silicone thats meant for aquarium tanks.(seals water) home depot

  2. I bought the replacement screen from Witrigs and they have been very helpful. However, after removing the back frame and undoing the screen cable, as I turned the phone over two 1x10mm plastic blocks with metal contacts dropped out of the phone and I cannot find where they came from. Does anyone know where they should go back?

  3. здравствуйте .поменял экран, с алиэкспресса пришел, модулем с рамкой, внутренности со старого. теперь звук микрофона очень искажается. может пленку не снял откуда то. подскажите пожалуйста

  4. thanks! just followed this step by step and 100% works. i have dropped this phone down flights of stairs and all sorts and the thing laughs in my face. take a shit however and just as im pulling my pants down it falls out of my pocket just dropping probably 2ft at the most and decides its game over and the screen shatters like fuck! fucking oddball phone.

  5. so people know you really do not need to heat up the back or front, i removed the front and back easily without heating up, the only issue i had which a few other stated is front glue is a bit weak, also another tip is the top speaker/microphone bit ( not sure what its called ) that you pull of the screen, rather than reattaching it to the new screen i found it easier to slot it into the gap on the phone, the weight of the screen will hold it in place, doing it this way stops you from putting it in the wrong way and in the correct place aswell

  6. Same problem. The precut adhesive simply do not stick at all. Left side of the screen, right above the magnetic useless charger port, is lifting up. Thanks for this vid, now I know it's not just my incompetence … time to use different adhesive.

  7. i have my screen popped out like its not sticking good with the adhesive thing.. can i do something to it without opening the backdoor? (coz the backdoor is just fine)

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