How to Replace Sony Xperia Z1 Compact LCD Screen

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It’s not difficult to replace Xperia Z1 Compact LCD screen. The Z1C display replacement can be easily finished shown as our video. Get the original Sony Xperia Z1C LCD screen at:; get Xperia Z1C front frame sticker at ; get full Xperia Z1 Compact replacement parts at

1. Heat gun/hair dryer
2. Suction cup –
3. Guitar picks –

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43 Comments on How to Replace Sony Xperia Z1 Compact LCD Screen

  1. With the help of this guide I was able to successfully fit a new screen, which works fine, but the one problem I have is that the glue gasket did not seal the screen down properly at the bottom of the screen. Any tips on what I can do other than get a new glue gasket sheet and refit it? I am thinking about heating it up and then holding it in place until it cools, but not sure if that will work. I need to do something as the bottom of the screen is sometimes working it's way up enough to get my thumb nail under it. Thanks for any constructive suggestions. I'll update with any success

  2. Thanks for adding this video, was a great help. Phone worked again for a while but today again touchscreen didn't responded. I noticed that glass actually wasn't glued well. I entered it with OTG cable and restarted it, a bit pushed down the screen and works again. Can you advice if I should glue it somehow back or what can be problem? thanks

  3. Newbie with a phone over here… Question: I just made these steps…but when I was gonna put the new screen, this one didn't had any electronic stuff behind it… any links where I can purchase this? Or can you tell me by which name I have to search this? I bought a LCD screen for my Z1 Compact and this is not it…

  4. I cracked my xperia z1s (Tmobile version) but i'm not sure what parts i need to buy, the lcd display or the digitizer touch, or both, can you help me, my phone works, but half of the screen is not working by touching. thanks.

  5. thank you so much for this video you just saved me a lot of money got quoted £120 to fix it by the shop I think Sony wanted £200 but by watching this and buying the parts myself I managed to do it for £37.65 half hour of sweating thinking I'm going to mess this up and that was with a genuine Sony screen

  6. hi how can i repair my sony xperia z i have a problem with touching the screen in left corner side how can i repair it should i pay or buy these materials to repair it for myself only ?

  7. I have to say the sensitive part is when the glass IS removed and you're going to place the glue! Do not get over excited that your phone is just a few minutes away to become as new. Take the time and be SURE that the glue is placed at the correct place!

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