How to replace & reassemble Sony Xperia Z5 LCD Screen

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Sony Xperia Z5 LCD screen got cracked/unresponsive? Check here to see Xperia Z5 LCD screen replacement & reassembly.And get original Sony Xperia Z5 LCD screen at Get full original replacement parts for Xperia Z5 at

1. Heat gun/hair dryer
2. Guitar picks –;
3. Suction cup –;
4. Metal opening tool –;
5. Phillips screwdriver –;
6. Tweezers – ;

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27 Comments on How to replace & reassemble Sony Xperia Z5 LCD Screen

  1. Do the single sim variant and dual sim variant use a different type of screen? I tried getting mine repaired but they said they couldn't because they only have screens for the single sim variant. :(

  2. The shitty thing about Z5 is that even only a SMALL part cracks the WHOLE screen becomes unresponsive. Apparently apple and samsung do not perform like that.. But on the other hand Sony is less likely to crack its screen in general… anyways…

  3. Can't believe Sony still covered the back like that. If this is the price we pay for Xperia being water proof, please make a phone that can be disassembled like the iPhone.

  4. I dissasembled everything correctly and connected all ribbons like they were, but now the screen does not display anything. I can see it light up very little, but the screen stays blank. It powers on and i see the LED and Vibration, how can I fix this?

  5. I did this to my z5, but the screen doesnt show anything. Ita is starting, screen light goes on, but all black. The wiring isnt broken, connections are allright. At the second try, the sony logo appeared and then it slowly went black again. Any ideas?

  6. Thanx great guid just repaired white z5. Worst thing about Sony z series is if the screen gets one crack the digitizer usually stops working same with lg with iPhone and Samsung they mostly work fine with smashed glass

  7. I would have replaced the thermal compound before putting the motherboard back in the phone. I have applied cooler master thermal paste on my Sony Xperia Z3, and now my phone is significantly cooler and I am able to record 4K videos for up to 10min.

  8. Thats why I don't buy expensive flagship phones. Even if it crashes in case the screen can brake and then you have a lot of fun to replace or you pay much more in service point… There are many good phones which costs twice as less as xperia or even less and even if you break it you can try (without regret) to DIY replace the screen.

  9. what temperature did you use for the heating gun?
    and if it's not too much to ask for, which country are you based in, just in case we might want to order some tools…

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