How To Remove Virus & Fix Errors On Any Android Device

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*NOTE* – On Some devices Like that From Samsung,sony,LG and others running on a custom version of android has a slightly different method of booting into the safe mode.If the method shown in the video didn’t seem to work on your device then try the following

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Method #1-
1. Turn Off your Samsung…

29 Comments on How To Remove Virus & Fix Errors On Any Android Device

  1. How do you fix your battery if you get a virus on your battery or let's say that you download something from the Internet and it damage your battery what can you do

  2. I have recently looked up a video of yours because my device is saying I have 4 viruses it when I go to my antivirus app it says that there are no threats. I have screenshots of the messages saying I have viruses if that'll help solve the problem or there could be no problem at all. I just need to get a hold of your email so I can send them.

  3. Sometimes when I open an app it redirects me to a site where it basically says ''download this because your phone has viruses''. I know those are just more viruses and all but it's annoying when it redirects me. Do you know how to get rid of that?

  4. Excuse me,I have some annoying problem and I kinda need yr help with these ads about game,something like porn and those interview about healthy thingy just popped out on my phone and it force me to go into the browser even tho there is "X" sign but it still force me to go to the browser,after I exit the browser my phone start to slow and laggy and I try everything to remove it but the ads on the phone still popped out every time I wanna play some games,chat with my friends and do some phone can't do the "safe mode"..I try everything.I hope you can help phone is Samsung Galaxy Note 5#sorry if my English is bad and I still learning :/

  5. bro thank you so much,,you really care to help/teach others that is why you grow so fast…keep it up bro,,,your teaching skills is extremely in the highest level…very clear!!! thumbs up and a salute for you bro,,,once again thanks a lot

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