How to react to negativity on the internet and in real life

How to react to negativity on the internet and in real life

We have all at one point or another crossed paths with an exceptionally toxic and negative person, who makes an effort to start a fight. A new article by Alia Sterns highlights some points which we will all be better off remembering, the next time we are faced with someone who is nothing more than a troll.

1. There is no satisfaction in defeating someone exceptionally stupid.

2. Why do this at all, to right a wrong? Or just want to fight?
Be a voice for change? Use a platform that many people will see, instead of fighting one dummy, maybe shoot a video, write a think piece.

3. If you meet someone who just wants to fight, do not engage, either mute/block them.

4. Value your own time, happiness, sanity, which is worth more than a crazy willing to fight troll.

5. Be comfortable with not having the last word (hardest one to learn- does it matter if they think they won the argument? They are still dumb.)
The winner of the argument is not the loudest person or the one who gets the last say, only they think that, be the bigger person, and forget about it.
If you must respond, be hilarious- something clever and short shows that you are above this sort of thing.

6. Don’t be so smug -maybe you are smart, you have a degree in something, don’t bring that up, people will hate you for it.
People with credentials can also be wrong, or can phrase something differently- maybe a person is a very good brain surgeon but really dumb with a lot of other stuff and with general life. It doesn’t mean “I am better than you because I have this degree.”
If you are better than people, it will speak for itself, you don’t have to state it over and over again.

7. Just walk away, just be fine with it.
You can be done with this and it’ll be fine, and you’ll still be living your best life not worrying about things that don’t essentially matter.
But that does not mean, to just agree with everyone, if you have something to say, just say it, but do it in the most effective way.

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The points were also discussed in the popular Youtube channel NerdAlert.

So the next time you are faced with a horrible person who just wants to make you feel bad, try remembering these points.


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