How to Play Facebook Messenger Hidden & Secret Basketball Game

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How to Play Facebook Messenger Hidden & Secret Basketball Game. IF you want to play basketball in Facebook messenger, just watch the video and start playing basketball with your friends. The trick to play the game works on both iOS and Android smartphones.

Facebook Football Game:

How to play the Game on Facebook Messenger:
1. Make sure to update the Messenger App from Android Playstore or iOS App Store.
2. Send the Basketball emoji to your facebook friend on the facebook messenger app.
3. Double tap on the Basketball emoji to start the hoops basketballbgame.
That’s it now enjoy the game and try to beat your friend’s high score. If you want to share any more tricks with us feel free to drop a comment below.

If this method is not working for your FB messenger app then try re-installing the app on your smartphone. Other things you can try to make the trick work in your Facebook Messenger App:
1. Try restarting the phone.
2. Try…

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  1. Hey guys! It's amazing to do that for the basketball game but there's a video on my channel to hack the new game, the football game to do the score you want!!!! You can check the video on my channel ;-)

  2. TO THOSE THAT IS HAVING A PROBLEM PLAYING, I may have a solution, but i did two things and im not sure what i did that worked.
    So first, i had someone else sign into their messenger on my phone, then i played the game on their phone. Then signed out and signed into my phone. Still didn't work, but it could have been that i didnt wait long enough for it to work.
    So then i went to setting > report a problem> something not working > then you just state that the game isnt working for you. Later that day it worked.

  3. Hey @Gadget Diary i am having a problem on my iphone 5. I have uninstalled snapchat from my phone and now want to reinstall it. I go to the app store and search up snapchat and try to install it. The circle that shows how long its been downloaded, just shows up nothing and after 2-3 seconds goes back to the cloud with the arrow. The same thing happened to youtube, and i cant install youtube or snapchat anymore. Since your a really tech kind of person i thiught maybe you would be wiling to help? There is one thing i noticed that snapchat and youtube both had this tag in gray that said essentials, and i have enough space of storage so i know thats not the case. If you would please reply and help me with my problem id be so thankful. Thanks for reading! Reply if possible

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