How to Make Your Phone Speaker Louder – iPhone and Android Tips & Hacks

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Ever wondered how to get louder speakers on your phone? Make your smartphone louder by following a few simple tips and tricks. Andre from Black Nerd Comedy presents an awesome “how to” make your phone speakers louder! These tricks will help you make your iPhone louder, your android louder, and allow you to actually hear what you’re listening to. By following these iPhone hacks for louder speakers you’ll improve your iPhone experience. The great thing is that these aren’t just Apple iPhone Hacks, they are also android hacks.

If you’re looking for tips and trick to make phone speakers louder, you’ve come to the right place as Andre the Black Nerd helps you out.

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43 Comments on How to Make Your Phone Speaker Louder – iPhone and Android Tips & Hacks

  1. This didn't help AT ALL! I'm not going to buy another phone and the 4 other things did the exact same thing by funneling the sound to you! I thought this was going to be something other than putting a cone on your phone or buying another one. Did you really think this was helpful?

  2. I doesn't work and if it even works how the heck will I see a video or movie. And holding in the hand looks like u are trying to make a baby sleep. Well the dislike button works

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