How to make money with apps $1000 a week

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For iPhone people remember 73b5cb
For android people remember 73b5cb
Use that code a referral part or want work
Once out of spins sign up with different account do same process until you reach your goal of …
for ure on paypal prepaid click this link

I’m showing. U tips on. Making hundreds at home here are the links

follow these steps to make $250 a day and more easy simple steps
^^^ for android


^^^^ for iphone ipads and ipods

use this code at referral sign up R5B5NB or wont work
you can use up to 5 device with different emails so grabs some old androids…

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  1. A super simple app to use is Qriket! You can download if you have a smartphone or tablet. Download, enter referral code B751C5 to get your 25 FREE spins and sign up! Pick blue or yellow, spin and win. 50/50 chance at winning real cash. Cash out with paypal! When you sign up without a referral code, you begin with 0 spins, and you're able to watch short 5-20 second video.s You generally get up to 10 free spins a day. If you use my code, you will get 25 free spins. Qriket also have Qriket LIVE games. Throughout the day Qriket will have a live contest. You can enter, most are free some are 5-10 cents to enter. It's completely optional and you decide whether or not you're going to use some of your winnings/balance to enter these live contests. (Qriket live on youtube). Everyone who enters pays and all the money goes into a big pot. You spin and can win the whole pot of money if you choose the correct colours! It's fun, easy and addicting! Again referral code is B751C5. Goodluck and welcome to the Qriket family :)

  2. Just so you guys know you dont get money by using referral codes only 25 spins if you guys dont believe me just checkout when he "signs up", he quickly changes to login, he already has an account and by every person that uses his referral code he gets 1 dollar

  3. Hi there, have you considered DevomobironSecrets yet? Just simply do a google searchengine search. On there you will discover a greatsuggestions about how you can get money fromyour first iphone & android apps creation withoutany programming experience at all. Why not giveit a shot? perhaps it's going to work for you

  4. Is Qriket rigged? My issue as far as Qriket being possibly rigged is when the money amount
    is over 10 cents. I usually win the spins for 5 cents but when the spin
    is for the larger dollar amounts I usually lose. It's gotten to the
    point to where if I see $25 or more for a spin I know I'm not winning.

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