How to Jailbreak iOS 9.3.2, 9.3.1 with PC Computer, Laptop – Latest Tethered, Untethered

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How to Jailbreak iOS 9.3.2, 9.3.1 with PC Computer, Laptop – Latest Tethered, Untethered Download Now:

Simple to download and use:

Download the software from the website above.

Save it on your desktop or where ever you want to save on your hard drive.

Connect your iPhone, iPod or iPad with your CPU or Laptop, if using MAC or WINDOWS.

Internet should be available so that software can be connected from the server to update the version.

Start following the steps in the video as its very simple to use and not like other softwares available out there such as Pangu, Cydia, RedSnow and TaiG & etc.

We will provide the updates once iOS 10 will be released, we will give the same update in our software, as you can check by clicking if the update is available or not, if available it will show you that now you can start updating your apple device whether its iphone 5 or version ahead.

How to Jailbreak iOS 9.3.2,No Computer…

37 Comments on How to Jailbreak iOS 9.3.2, 9.3.1 with PC Computer, Laptop – Latest Tethered, Untethered

  1. Even chinese softwares are not better than this software. I got 9.3.2 in almost 10 minutes plus it has unlocked my iphone. Thank you dear uploader to upload the video and software.

  2. I have lost my virginity today and got this wonderful software and also texting the same girl from my iphone 6, today is the luckiest day in my life, I want to really thank you for uploading the software, 1 or 2 surveys are worth filling for this epic app.

  3. In my whole career I have not found such a software and I have jailbroken around 6 to 7 iphone since morning in my shop. I cannot believe that I have done that by saving myself from the lengthy steps that I usually take. Don't tell me now that this software will stop working and please reply me as I have already sent the message, I want to stay in touch and tell me if we can work together as it's a free fabulous software which I want keep with me for the life time.

  4. Tried searching it in store but couldn't find rather than other apps which were getting sold in expensive prices, downloaded this one 2 hours ago and then I am again here to comment that you are the super star that you have uploaded this super cool software on youtube.

  5. Tried in my girl friend's iphone haha because I was scard to use it in my iphone but now I am confident after using it so here you go I got 9.3.1, Wow and thank to you to provide us this beautiful software.

  6. Easy jailbreaking I have told other friends of mine to get the same software as its very common in USA to jump on the newest version so there is no doubt that this software is all in one. It has unlocked my iphone and then jailbroken the current one to 9.3.2, I have no words to be grateful and say thanks.

  7. I thought these are f@ke comments but these all are true comments as I myself have download the software and used it. It's working with iphone 5 and will definitely try on 6 as well.


  9. Thank you Anwer for the software. Everyone is thanking you so I thought why shouldn't I be grateful after all its something which is hard to find but I downloaded it and it worked on my ipad and ipod with 9.3.1 and I will of course try in 9.3.2 later on as everyone is doing it, again I would like to thank you for your excellent work.

  10. Good thing is that we have both the options 9.3.1 and 9.3.2 but I chose 9.3.1 which is hilarious. I will go for 9.3.2 later sometime and I hope that the software will work the same it's working now.

  11. I thought all the comments down here are f@ke but all of them are true as I have also downloaded the software and used it with my iPad and smoothly worked, people grab it as only a survey isn't a big deal.

  12. I have been using since so many days and trust me I have jailbroken around 10 iphone till today, I am ready to pay you if you want as I need this software and all the updates as well.

  13. I did not know that it has been released but after trying your software it has proven, thank you making efforts and specially in order to provide something precious for free.

  14. This video should be on the top and 1st rank so that people can grab the software which they are actually searching for badly and so did I, this has really saved me money and helped me out.

  15. Smoothly jailbroken, this is so flawless as I thought it will get stop in the middle like other softwares but it's flawlessly getting the job done, great job.

  16. I am surprised that it is really working for me in my iphone 5 and 6, I connected both the iphone and software detected both of them, I have jailbroken i5 and that ended successfully, now will try on i6 once, I must appreciate the app.

  17. I am a girl but have tried something for the first time and got successful, this means that people are still uploading legit stuff on internet and youtube always helps me.

  18. Wow :** This is working in my iphone 6, now I am gonna try it in my ipad. Dude you have made my day today was fantastic after using it, I was searching for cydia but got this.

  19. I have tried something which is fresh on youtube and for the first time with less confusion used something on my iphone 6 as I always go to the market for the jailbreaks and stuff and to be very honest it is 100% working.

  20. Perfect, I thought it won't work but it is working, it is simple and easy than Pangu. Thank you mate, I will have this software with me forever and even can buy it from you, please provide your email address so that I can stay in touch with you.

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