How to Install Batman Injustice Edition Theme on Galaxy S7/S7 Edge/Note 5

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Galaxy S7 Edge Batman Injustice Edition Hands On & Detailed Review!
This Video shows How to install Batman Injustice Edition theme on your Samsung phones running Android Marshmallow.


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32 Comments on How to Install Batman Injustice Edition Theme on Galaxy S7/S7 Edge/Note 5

  1. after applying the theme after around 4 mins it there is a notification on the notification bar the count down for the trial is there at that moment hold the notification bar and clear the cache and the other thing

  2. sir i also clear the data ok themes in pakage disabler but again after 5 min default themes appears automatically..please give me solution i like this batman theme so much please help

  3. bro, yesterday my s7 edge is ok but after shut down and startup this morning, it back to default again. then i've have to reapplied the step again, did you have the same problem? that not happen in my note 5, it's just stick on the themes.

  4. Hey Guys! To prevent the theme from resetting,use package disabler pro to disable theme centre and theme store and also clear the data for them so that they wont be running in the background.

  5. 1- apply batman theme
    2- disable themes store and themes
    3- if trial counted, hold on trial notification. Try to find clear cache and clear data. Clear it
    4- done.

    Its work on my note 5

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