How to Install Android N Keyboard APK on Any Android!

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Here’s how to install Android N Google Keyboard APK on any Android device, you will get new cool features like custom themes, one-handed mode, hundreds of emojis, and more.

Download Android N Keyboard APK here:

Android N Google Keyboard APK!

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Step-by-Step Tutorial:

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44 Comments on How to Install Android N Keyboard APK on Any Android!

  1. I'm really liking the picture background it's really nice. The one feature I really used with Swiftkey though is the intuitive emoji insert. I'd type sad ? and Swiftkey would me ? emoji option.
    For actual swiping though this is one of the Best.

  2. I don't know why but with some reason they don't support Korea. it's shame that Google did not include Korean on it. Tho I really like this feature on this new Google keyboard.

  3. I have an S7 Edge. It appears on my application manager but it doesn't show up on the app tray nor when I'm trying to select a default keyboard.

  4. I installed Google n keyboard and after using it for about an hour… I went back to SwiftKeys… To me SwiftKeys just seems to be better especially with ease of typing and predicting emoticons (emoji)

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