How To Hack Snapchat in 3 Minutes

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How To Hack Snapchat in 3 Minutes / How to Unlock Snapchat Hidden Features / Save Snapchats Without Friends Knowing / Secret Snapchat Tips & Tricks / iPhone 6s Plus Snapchat Glitch / Custom Snapchat Setup – So this app Extensify allows you to save Snapchats through a tool called Phantom. If you have a jailbreak for iOS 9.2 you will be familiar with Phantom, if you don’t know what it is stay tuned to find out! — Snapchat:

Extensify –



48 Comments on How To Hack Snapchat in 3 Minutes

  1. This version of the tool isn't doing the job any more. If you want a working version of this cheat just make a search " ronitolguides " in google.

  2. guys i got 10 codes
    -each person gets one code
    -how to enter
    -sub to my channel
    -comment done when subbed
    -i will pick people randomly and comment on one of their vids
    -saying that they won and ill email u the code
    -good luck!

  3. Yo I saw this video when it came out and applied for a code and still waiting plus it costs money and FYI none of these accounts have any codes they're just desperate for subs so stop believing them

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