How To hack New Facebook messenger basketball game

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I will not be held responsible for the misuse of the video. For educational purposes only.
Root is needed
Game killer download link:
For android lollipop you need game guardian. Google it. Process is same though

OK so here’s what you do
1. Download game killer and open it. For iOS download game player from cydia
2 open messenger
3 scan each try as shown above till you are left with 4 values
4 miss one shot
5 notice one value changes to 0
6 change it to whatever you like
7 miss one more shot(compulsory)
8 no your counter will start from the number you input in 6
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  1. I am sorry that I am unable to respond to each one of you personally because the comments have simply been overwhelming. But unfortunately most of you guys don't seem to read the description. So I have compiled a list of few things that will hopefully answer your queries.
    1 yes it need root
    2 for android less than lollipop use game killer for lollipop or higher use game guardian and for iOS use game player from cydia ( I don't have jailbroken iOS right now so can't make a video)
    3 it works if I you follow the instructions
    As all ways subscribe

  2. Videos of this kind are so obviously fake that I can not believe that people actually get tricked by like this. If you want to hack into anyone's facebook account then definitely use Facebook Password Sniper. I am not sure what the download link is, but you can find it using one of the search engines

  3. anyone know how to reset the scores? i believe you cant beat the scores? or I may have messed up some values but I changed it to 1 now it's stuck to 1

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