How To Get MOVIE BOX on your iOS Device! 9.3.2 and below (NO JAILBREAK) iPhone iPad iPod Touch

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If you’re on iOS 9 to open MovieBox go to Settings, General, Profiles and trust the certificate. Enjoy!
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Hey #OPERATION in this video I will be showing you How To Get Movie Box without a jailbreak or computer on iOS 9 and below! Movie Box is a free Tv and Movie Streaming application and this tutorial is for educational purposes only! This install method can be shut down at any time so if you are willing to a pay a minimal yearly fee at you can sure the application always works. If you enjoyed this video please HIT that like button and subscribe! Thanks and Welcome to the OPERATION 🙂

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33 Comments on How To Get MOVIE BOX on your iOS Device! 9.3.2 and below (NO JAILBREAK) iPhone iPad iPod Touch

  1. OMG You have no idea how thankful I am. Thank you so much! The video quality was amazing and the instructions were really clear. I with other Chanel's were like yours.
    (You earned a subscriber ;-)

  2. It is saying Processing. Please do not close the window. Window will be closed automatically upon completion. I've been waiting 15 minutes, how long does it take

  3. I can confirm that this works on iphone 5s 9.3 as of may 14, 2016 just gotta say thx dude. for those that it doesnt work make sure you get the the iemu thing in the description and once you install movie box go into settings , general and scroll down to profiles and device managment and make sure to trust the movie box profile after that open up the app and you might see a screen that says processing dont close this blah blah whatever just wait like 5 minutes and then click close at the top left and you should be on the movie box screen watch whatever you want

  4. I have downloaded it successfully thanks to your post but right now I am currently stuck on "Processing.. Please do not close.." window. What should I do? Can I close this window or do I need to wait it out? FYI its been 2 hours already. Thanks.

  5. I can't even start to express my thanks for your video. I have been trying to download a movie app onto my iPhone since I first found out about them. I've had them on my android tablets for over a year. They are the only reason I haven't bought an IPad. To download to my iPhone is a dream come true especially since the charging port has broken off for the 2nd time. Again thx!!!!!!!

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