How To Get MCPE Mods On iOS! (0.15.0) – Minecraft Pocket Edition

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110% Working and large selection of MCPE iOS Mods! Enjoy!

In this video I will teach you how to install any mod that is capable with 0.9.0! This works on all iOS Devices with a wide variety of mods!

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36 Comments on How To Get MCPE Mods On iOS! (0.15.0) – Minecraft Pocket Edition

  1. Dude. Seriously. We all know that these mods are what the everyday gamer calls "hacks." These hacks have been out for a long time, and you need a jail-broken device to do anything. Mods aren't possible in IOS yet because external files aren't supported. But, if someone finally makes an INTERNAL file/app (doesn't have to be in the store), we can all download it via iFunBox… (Honestly, like a regular PC mod, just coded with the apple code [i forget how to code apple].) Once someone finally makes internal file-injection mods (or a mod-loader for IOS [.ipa file {no app store needed, just iFunBox}]), then downloadable mods will finally be possible. GET TO IT, SOMEONE!!!

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