How to get Google Play Services (incl. Play Store) onto Xiaomi Devices on MIUI7 (NO Root)

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This is a simple tutorial on getting Google Play Services onto your Xiaomi Devices or those running on the MIUI 7 or higher.

Due to chinese legislation, these phones ship without Google Play Services on board but getting Google Play Services is very easy and does not even require Root access…

Link 1 –!VMdlTTSb!LkaKb4o0-dSTOw4jebGIlOlihRz3494Umhmf9JgyQbI

Link 2 –!gJ0hDBDI!SwPZKOsjU1Adz8pTdGyP2at0YdWcp1HE2l1iir9KDCs

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47 Comments on How to get Google Play Services (incl. Play Store) onto Xiaomi Devices on MIUI7 (NO Root)

  1. I have been told that it is still china version ROM although u install manually for play store. Once you format your phone, everything will be back to china ROM. Is that true? Please advise.. tq~´╗┐

  2. In future if I format my device the playstore will be remove or stay on my phone?? There is any way to flash gapps on chaina miui rom if I root my device and I have twrp also??´╗┐

  3. For each one of these files, when I click download, a message pops up saying "App not installed". My device came with pre-installed Google Play Market that didn't work properly, so I'm trying to fix it.
    Any suggestions?´╗┐

  4. Very nice to have finaly found a sollution, After waking upo yesterday all google apps where gone and the theme of my Redmi 2 was different. been wondering all day about the sollution. Thanks!!!´╗┐

  5. Thanks Ash +C4ETech, good video! In another video you lately said, it was very easy to install Google services on the Vivo Xplay5. I was hoping you would maybe have a hint on how to do that? Your help would be very much appreciated.
    Please keep up the great work with your videos, mate :)´╗┐

  6. Do not use this method I repeat Do not use this method
    This guy is not only making the process tougher this files will also create problems
    There is an easier way to get all these done with just one click try searching Google in Mi app store tap the Blue button in Chinese and you will be all done´╗┐

  7. I did this in mi xiaomi mi5, and everything is working perfectly but snaptchat, and I think it is because of a problem with the google account sync, I sync it and app da5a and google fit data sync fine, but "people details" just keeps loading without ever ending, and if I close settings and re-open it it says "sync is OFF". Could this be because one of the apk wasn't updated/doesn't work for the mi5?´╗┐

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