How to flash android n developer preview manually on Nexus 6P

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How to Flash Android N Developer Preview Manually on any Nexus Device:

This video tutorial demonstrates flashing the Android N Dev Preview Factory Image on the Nexus 6P. This method can be used to manually flash any Factory Image on any Nexus Device, although the Nexus 6P has been used to demonstrate.

Let me know your thoughts/suggestions/questions in the comments down below. I will try & answer each & every one.

1. SDK Tools:
2.Android N Dev Preview Factory Image:
3. WinRar:

Commands (Windows Users):
1. To check ADB is working fine: “adb devices” & press enter
2. To get into bootloader mode: “adb reboot bootloader” & press enter
3. To check Fastboot is working fine: “fastboot devices” & press enter
4. To Unlock Bootloader: “fastboot flashing unlock” & press enter (for Nexus 6P & 5X) OR “fastboot oem unlock” & press enter (for…

12 Comments on How to flash android n developer preview manually on Nexus 6P

  1. Nexus 6P, Do not allow to go to Developer Options, Says Device is Locked, Certain device features are unavailable for demonstrative purpose. Can we not Flash it in Bootloader mode ?

  2. Hi Abhinab, after entering "fastboot device" it doesn't say fastboot ready why? any setting need to be change? and when i keep type in "fastboot flashing unlock" it say"waiting for any devices" but device is connect. help

  3. Every things looks so easy with yo explanation. I have a Nokia XL which had a ugly ROM and theme. I installed cutom ROMs on it. So i wanted to know will i be able to install this N preview on my Nokia XL.

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