How to flash a custom Rom on the Sony Xperia Z

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In this Video I will be giving you the long awaited guide on how to flash a custom ROM onto the Sony Xperia Z.

ParanoidAndroid ROM:

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  1. Hey man, I was wondering, can I flash install a rom that is only for xperia z c6603, it's the xperia z ultraized rom and in the file name it says that it's only for c6603, would I need to unlock boot loader? And have twrp or Cwm installed? Would I need a new kernel and etc, please any help would be great 

  2. i flashed cyanogenmod 10.2 on my xperia z and after i pressed reboot system my screen went black and nothing happened , i can't turn my device on now 🙁 any help plz

  3. was just wondering anyway if u have had this problem before and have sorted it in the past, been bugging me for about 2 days now, am going to completely start over tomorrow with fresh driver installs just wanted to know wherever you have encountered this problem before so that i could have some help as really want PA on device 🙂 in cmd it sends the .img, just doesn't write 🙁

  4. Hi, since we last spoke, i have unlocked bootloader, rooted using binary method and still dualrecovery(cm&twrp) onto my device so all should be ready for custom firmware :), been having a few problem on my computer though, i believe that my drivers are installed properly, that adb and fastboot, but everytime i try to push boot.img across to phone i get failed when writing as its says command not allowed, i really think this is down to the drivers

  5. thanks for quick reply, was just worried that if i unlocked my bootloader and it broke one day and i wanted to send it off to insurance company would i have voided my warranty? or would i be able to re-lock and have no additional charges?

    thanks again

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