How To Fix Your Robo 3D Printer : Tips & Tricks to Get Awesome Prints

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My name is Jerry and I was a Senior Software Developer at Microsoft for 15 years working on the Windows Operating System.
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All upgrades in this video were printed using colorfabb PLA/PHA filament from It’s fantastic material!

What’s up Nerdgasm fans! This video will show you all of the things I’ve done since I received my Robo 3D printer to get it printing reliability with no hassles. Out of the box the printer never really performed well for me but after I tracked down the problems, made some tweaks and printed some upgrades I’m happy to report it works like a charm and is not giving me anymore problems! I hope that the information in this video is useful to you early adopters and helps you maximize your print quality when using this inexpensive printer. Don’t give up guys, just like all technology like this tweaking is just a part of the experience and you will be very proud with…

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  1. im very new to 3d printing so so oleaee dont get angry if i ask stupid questions, but when you say you reolaced the hottend what did it improve like is it REALLY necessary for good print quality? and also where do i find the firmware settings because i just ordered It. thanks!

  2. Thank you for this video! I just got the robo 3d r1plus, and had some issues that you described in your video. They have since added a stabilizer in the top for the rods and I'm sure a bunch of other upgrades (fixes). Thank you for the spool! Better design than the one that comes with it in my opinion. Will be printing this next. Great Video.

  3. Hi jerry, I started a 3D printing based business and it all started with me watching one of your videos. I'm currently marketing printers to the education sector and came across Robo3d as I'm looking for a manufacture who can keep up with my growing business. Do you still have it and are you still satisfied with it? also would you recomend it for a intro level printer for a classroom… once upgraded of course.

  4. I like your take on this particular printer. I'm curious though, if the changes you've made, rather your upgrades, have been implimented into the latest version of this particular printer. I've recently had mixed luck with two different Davinici II printers from XYZ. Ugg…. I won't even get into why I dislike those printers so much. But recently purchased this printer under the label, Robo 3D – R1 Plus +3D. It will arrive next week and I'm wondering if the company that designed this printer has implimented any of these updates into it. Like the supports for the rods. I never had "tall print" problems with my Davinci Printer, but it had a slew of other issues that I won't go into. Any advice you may have on someone getting a brand new Robo would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. I'll be watching for more vids too. I've been 3D Printing for two years now with Davinci printers as well as an Afinia H series printer at my work place. I'm eager to see how the Robo holds up.

  5. i have a 3d wanhao desktop and when i frist got it no problem on printing.I printed a few thing and worked great now it says printing on screen but nothing happen how long does it take too load on printed untill it prints.Also it will do a dry run but wont print.I ran prints throu cura,slic3d,fab,still no print please help

  6. you should have a look at the bq hephestos 2 printer, its a DIY 3d printer but has a lot of good points in it, like the extruder comes with all the fans on it, it auto-levels and checks the distance from the platform before each print and stuff. I have one and I love it, not too expensive either

  7. When I try to load my filament the extruder starts to come off and the filament won't load. We "fixed" it but we are trying to load a different filament and it's doing it again. Any tips? Or is it broken?

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