How to FIX your ANDY Android [Tips and Tricks]

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  1. any way to manually save my game data and files because i cant open andy and my game one piece treasure cruise which doesnt save to the cloud and ive put thousands of dollars into it. any help ?

  2. I need Help, Ok basically i was going to stop using the Andy and i click to close it down but three buttoms apperared and one said shutdown VM and Exit, Exit and Cancel. I didn´t know exactly what VM means but i clicked that option and now when i start Andy everything is laggy… Can anyone help me in this??

  3. i have tried to download bluestacks but it's says that I don't have any api? Now i use Andy and a few days ago it started running slow and making that noise, how do I resolve this problems?

  4. i got this problem guys any one know how can i fix it Unable to launch VM Process: The virtual machine 'andy' has terminated unexpectedly during startup with exit code 1 (0x1)

  5. it says – There is a problem with my 7za . my firewall or antivirus is stopping it.
    and there is prob with bluestaks, ive used it for monthes, I have to download their heavy apps daily, So no bluestaks, plz solve my andy prob

  6. Bonjour, Besoin d'aide :
    Mon problème Andy se lance sans soucis; J'y utilise toutes les applications sauf CASTLE CLASH et CLASH OF CLAN.
    Le premier jour les deux ont bien marché; mais depuis a chaque fois que je lance le jeux — > ANDY se plante carrément.
    "Andy a cessé de fonctionner"
    Merci d'avance.

  7. hey bro i am new i dont no what to do plz tell what to do make a full video i just download andy and oracle virtual box and when i start andy i does't open but in virtual box it is showing that it is running plz help bro what to do now

  8. hello! ive done what you said in your video. bluestacks works on my laptop but the problem is the language. how can i change it to english. By the way im here right now in jordan. Hope you can help me :)

  9. Help i have a problem with this andy thing because whenever i open Clash of clans in Andy it's just black and white but it's playing because i'm hearing sounds the only problem is that the screen is black and white when i open clash of clans

  10. whenever i try to open Andy, i use the HandyAndy to start Andy but when i click the Start Andy option, it says "Starting Andy", then does nothing. After that, my computer starts going crazy and i cant click on anything and all the shortcuts in my toolbar disappear and i have to sign out, then back in and it will be back to normal :(

  11. Anyone else getting an glitch in the wifi, for some reason I cannot connect to the wifi even though Im going through my computer? Anyone know how to fix this problem?

    When I started my Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager, and started the andy, all I got is a black screen full of [  xxx.xxxxxx] init: untracked pid xxxxx exited! and kindly please healp me on this error

  13. hey please help me with this error in andy

      cx_Freeze: Python error in main script (traceback unavailable)

    Error in sys. excepthook.
    Exception; [Errno 11004] getaddrinfo failed
    Original Exception: DLL load failed: The specified procedure could not be found.

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