How to fix the laggy UI with iPhone 6 Plus and 6S Plus on iOS 9

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I’ve noticed that on my iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 9, the user interface is very laggy for me to the point where I’ve regretted updating. I’ve also noticed the issue on the 6S Plus, but mainly when you 3D touch things. I made this video before I noticed but doing this fixes that as well. From what I’ve seen it looks like the lag is mainly with the 6 Plus, while other devices perform better (e.g. iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6). I found a way to vastly improve the performance so animations and load times are much faster and smoother.

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  1. I thought to switch from crapsung S7 because of animation stuttering (and sh1tload of built in junk apps, like incredibly badly coded facebook, piece of trash called skype, law quality samsung apps which all have better vanilla equivalents, etc). Looks like it would be better to choose next Nexus instead.

  2. I think I know why they not upgraded to full hd resolution for a such long time. Such a shame they cant make it work on 60 fps in 1920×1080, not apps just OS UI. For the price thing is expected to work smoothly.

  3. I'm such an apple fan boy I don't care what you all day. Had an iPhone since 3GS.. But on my iPhone 6s Plus, I notice stutter when I scroll down, and a terrible lag when I return to the home screen, it jitters! Ugh I'm so freaking dissatisfied with this iPhone ? but at the same time I love it! Come on Apple!!!!!

  4. It's sad how much better android is performing for me than iOS. I have an iPad 2 and it works like ass after updating. I used an iPad air 1 and it was actually worse! I have a Motorola droid turbo 1 with Lollipop and it smokes the iPads I used. I also have a shield tablet with marshmallow and rapes any iPad right in the ass! I was browsing the web on the air and it was stuttering like a huge piece of shit. My phone browses smooth as butter as well as my Shield tablet. iOS is officially behind android with performance. Apps crash and freeze like I remember on old android devices.

  5. So sad, I experiencing this problem with iPhone 6S + on iOS 9.2..
    This is public lie, many people especially reviewer says 6S+ is smooth, you gonna get what you pay for, bla bla bla, now I really hate Apple and those paid reviewer, I pray for them to get burned in hell

  6. I don't know why, but I deleted a bunch of older apps I don't use anymore and ones that haven't been updated for a while, and I got a lot of performance back. It seems like the older iOS7 era apps without updates somehow make background tasks take longer?

  7. what i hate is how apple forces people to buy their new products, i have an ipod 5, and with ios9 they are practically forcing me to buy an ipod 6 or an apple phone, ios 9 is practically un usable on the ipod, its crazy laggy, even with all the animations turned off

  8. Thank you. I found a 6 Plus the other day and I was not happy with the performance at all. I actually found it the same day my girl lost her phone.

    I offered her the IPhone but she's an Android girl 100%.

  9. I just notice in my iPhone 6s plus on IOS 9.1 that when I scroll slowly inside any app like for Music or App store that translucent upper menu begins to show some kind of flickering or vibrating lighting effect but I don't know if this a software or hardware problem so can you check your device and tell me if you notice any unusual effect when there's content scrolls under upper translucent menu in any default IOS app ? and thanks for this video

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