How To Enable Hidden Notification Light On The Moto X Play

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23 Comments on How To Enable Hidden Notification Light On The Moto X Play

  1. Dude you're going places. You'll probably be the best Youtube Tech Channel in India. The main problem other indian youtubers face is the accent. You've got that worked out pretty good! Thumbs up.

  2. Is this a full rgb light, or just white? I'm also curious if that app will let me choose custom colors if it is, that would be awesome and worth rooting.

  3. Hardly knows how to talk properly and he's holding in his hand the phone worth 300 €, waving with it like it's a cheap toy and I don't want to even start to talk about how powerful is it from inside and what possibilities does it give you – referring to processor, internet and world wide DIRECT connection to every bad and good thing that crawls on this planet. If we continue in this rhythm and in this way, in few hundred years will be fucked as a kind.

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