How to Enable Adoptable Storage on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge!

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See Paul O’Brien’s original article:
Get ADB Tools installed:
Samsung Evo+ micro SD: (More info below)

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27 Comments on How to Enable Adoptable Storage on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge!

  1. +Jeff Springer first off thanks for the video and thanks to paul O'Brien's. I was able to do the adoptable storage. My question is can you move the pics and video from my phone to the sd card storage space? right now i am only able to move some apps for the sd card.

  2. After I use the partition command, I get the error:
    Error: java.lang.IllegalStateException: java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Thread Binder_B gave up waiting for partitionPrivate after 180000ms
    What do you think I've missed?

  3. Quick Question. The main reason I wanted to do this is to allow google Photos the privilege to delete photos. Since the old update back on s5 I guess there is some permission issues where andorid can't do certain things with sd card.. So If I do a mix 50 (or a 75 is what I would like) and tell all pictures to save on internal sd card would I have the right privileges to remove them from photos on all devices?

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