How To Downgrade iOS 10 Beta to iOS 9.3.2 & KEEP iOS 9 Data!

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iOS 10 Downgrade to 9.3.2 Tutorial for potential iOS 9.3.x Jailbreak. Keep Data Downgrading Back from iOS 10 Beta to iOS 9. Download iOS 9.3.2 and Instructional Steps:
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⬇️ Table of Contents ⬇️

0:12 – How To Downgrade iOS 10!
0:52 – You Can Keep ALL DATA!
1:19 – One Post: Everything You Need
2:19 – How To Download Your IPSW
4:00 – Starting On iOS 10…
4:25 – Launch iTunes
4:37 – How To Downgrade & Keep Data
5:40 – Update (Downgrade) Process
6:14 – Feel Free To Skip The “Update”
9:18 – Downgrade Finished!
9:45 – Feel Free To Skip Ahead
10:37 – Finishing On iOS 9.3.x…
11:05 – Concluding Downgrade Thoughts


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44 Comments on How To Downgrade iOS 10 Beta to iOS 9.3.2 & KEEP iOS 9 Data!

  1. I downgraded, but now I can't get my music back on and it keeps saying I need to authorize my computer but when I hit authorize it says its already authorized.:((

  2. Quick tip.. Make sure u delete all of the profiles and back up everything before downgrading.. After downgrading, restore using itunes which will delete everything and make ur iphone brand new.. Ur laptop will download another copy of the OS and reinstall on ur iphone… After that restore the back up and things would work fine…. And restart a few times if the settings would still have a badge

  3. I did everything and it worked perfectly but once I go back to software update it says "ready to install ios10 beta" is there anyway i can take that off it asks me all the time do I want to update it

  4. My iTunes can't find my iPhone! I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it still won't find my iPhone! I need some help, Tanner! Why can't my laptop find my iPhone?

  5. This method should not be done for every case. Only for the ones who did not back up their data or those who do not have the time to restore. You will eventually HAVE TO restore to make everything run smoothly, though. If you made a backup before going to the beta, save yourself some trouble and just restore instead of doing this method.

  6. i downgraded from iOS 10 to 9.3.2. it went through fine. Then the apple sign comes on and off. I even tried to restore it but after it get done extracting I get a message saying iPhone is ineligible for built. Please help.

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