How to Create Icon Shortcuts – The BEST Android Tips and Tricks #38

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Android Tips and Tricks #38: How to Create Icon Shortcuts
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A Camcorder icon and tethering shortcut, where did these come from?

When you add icons to your homescreen you’re usually adding access to the main screen of the application. But most applications have loads of extra options and there is a way to add these if you use a 3rd party launcher such as Nova launcher. In this example I’m going to show you how to get the camcorder icon from the camera application.

So, with Nova launcher, long press on a homescreen and then choose the shortcut option. Next, choose activities at the top of the list displayed on screen. This will load an enormous list of shortcuts, some of which will not make any sense so there an element of trial and error when…

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  1. I love your videos I first seen one of your videos when I bought my Nexus 7 2013 you taught me basically the ins and outs about that tablet before I even bought one to be honest and I knew the Nexus 7 was for me because I wanted a small tablet I could possibly put in my pocket and something with raw power and when I seen the Nexus 7 video it was on I got it when it first came out probably like a month or so after its release but keep making your awesome videos I'll always be waiting for the next one to drop god bless take care

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