How to cheat in Real Racing 3 (No root)

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UPDATE: There is a new and better version of the “character.DAT” file which will give you 24k GOLD and 24 million credits as well as 130 cars total. This tutorial still covers the steps you need to take in order to make this cheat work.


How to get 130 cars all fully upgraded, 27 million credits, and 24000 gold in Real Racing 3. NO hacking apps needed.
This tutorial only covers the cheat on an Android OS. Version 4.4. and above.

The path where you overwrite the already existing “character.DAT” file is :

28 Comments on How to cheat in Real Racing 3 (No root)

  1. what version of android r u running. i think ur running icecream sandwich but i could be mistaken. im on kitkat and its not working maybe you could make a tutorial on how to do it on kitkat

  2. Has anyone figured out how to save the progress after the hack? Even though I'm pressing "save" and it tells me it saved the game but when i come back after a race it tells me that I've saved 24 hours ago or whenever I saved the game last before the hack. This hack doesn't save. Is there a way to fix this?

  3. I've tried this method from someone else and it did work. However the one thing that didn't work is the save feature. I coudln't save my progress. Does your save game feature work?

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