31 Comments on How To Bypass FRP on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

  1. RootJunky when i hold and click share its give me message saying " all apps associated with this action have been turned off, blocked, or not installed" can u see if you can help me thanks so much

  2. You are incredible.It worked ok, and the tutorial is very clear. I tried whith otg, usb cable, lots of tutorials… nothing. My Samsung J7 is back!!!!! Lots of thanks!!!!! Muchisimas gracias!!!!

  3. alright so I thought this would work…now the problem is when I get a google search bar I click on it and the keyboard wont come up for me to type any search..I followed your instruction to the letter, yet when I also get into the data usage update, there is no button on mines.

  4. Thank you a whole lot Rooty! I got my S6 going with the same process. Now my Wife is happy. Who ever else is going to try this, you need to pay attention. I had to pause and play through the whole process. Thanks again Rooty!!!

  5. I freaking love you. I bought an s6 second-hand and the previous owner forgot which google account he used. thank to this i can finally use this phone! belissimo Grazie!

  6. when i click on share it show these error " All apps associated with this action have been turned off , blocked or are not intalled
    pls tell me how to enable the apps
    thnx in advance

  7. Hi, thx for the video but I'm a bit stuck with my S7 edge.
    I got to the part where you go to the data usage page but I don't have the button "Upgrade data services".
    What shoul dI do now? Any help would be appreciated

  8. I’m stuck on the share section it says “All apps associated with this action have been turned off, blocked, or are not installed.” What should I do, I don’t want to send the phone back and I just got it in the mail yesterday. Help please.

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