42 Comments on How to Bypass FRP on Android M & N for Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X Nexus 9

  1. awesome job man i just did this on a moto nexus 6, while it wasn't exactly the same you got me moving through the screens until i finally landed myself in the settings! Awesome man Thanks a lot!

  2. junkyyyyyy this worked fineit got me to the menu but once it reset frp is still there. can you tell me where i went wrong? i tried signing as guest but automatically goes back to owner. :(

  3. This video just shows another method to get to settings… You can reset as many times as you like but it does not get rid of the frp… Need access to developer options… Can't get if march update on as it will just detour you back to owner when you try to add new user… Root junky we need your skills again for developer options or anyone??

  4. it didn't work for me at first and I was disappointed thought I was going to have to wait 3 days for google to stop fucking with my phone, Ive owned a nexus 7 and done many wipes and never had this problem, my new nexus 6P I just bought I was so mad, how I finally got it working I was on6.0.1 (MHC19Q) I used nexus tool kit to downgrade to 6.0.1 (MMB29M) and did this and it finally worked. I was working on this for hours and nothing worked til I downgraded. Thank you so much for making this video you are awesome, now I can get my clash of clans back on!

  5. Hi. I tried to use this method to access the Nexus 5X . I am his first owner . I still can not get access to the phone. Just I mention that I do not have a USB OTG cable . What to do? I have a soft 6.0.1 amendments of March . Thank you.

  6. hey man great video except I'm having a problem,after doing all the steps and factory resting the device it still ask for the previous google account. my nexus 6p is on the march 1st security patch but nothing works.

  7. #Rootjunky.Com Sir I rooted my Huawei P8 lite following your steps on it in video and unlock the bootloader too but Sir now I got htc m8 with marshmallow and htc sence 7.0 and I want it to it too but I can't. I read ? too many threads on zda developer but can't find single one helpful. So Sir I am requesting you make a video on it or send me a link to it Please sir because you are one 1⃣ that can help me Please sir please

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