How much Google really knows about me?

How much Google really knows about me?

With new variations and advancements in Google’s algorithm, have you ever thought, “how much Google really knows about me?” Sharing personal information online can result in severe consequences, especially when online hackers have become more ferocious and capable of selling your personal information to various online ad companies.

The Technews is here to assist you in finding out how much Google is truly aware of your presence online and find out if you’re hacked online or not?

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Your log in details

Google allows its users to find out all their personal information, including elaborate details regarding the device(s) used for signing into their accounts as well as location and timing of the sign in. The Google Security page will enable you to use this service, assisting you to be aware of any unauthorized access.

Clicking ads on Google

With this feature, you will easily find out all the recent online ads you have had clicked so far. Consequently, those ads will automatically categorize themselves, which also highlights your interest.

To find a missing individual

Now, I find this feature to be the coolest of all and obviously helpful in searching for anyone who could be lost by finding her history of location. Managing devices so conveniently was never possible to attain, thanks to Google.

Websites you have been visiting so far

Anybody can find out their respective search patterns, websites they have visited and specific keywords used in various apps. The Web & App Activity Page will assist you in looking for your keywords.


The entire summation of your Google account is right here, comprising of your calendar records, bookmarks, contact details and any documents you may have saved in Google Docs.

Avoid providing your personal cell phone number and always choose the email address for exchanging information.

I find this whole phenomenon quite scary at times wondering how this machine is capable of operating in this manner. Moreover, I was shocked to know that Google really knows a lot about me.

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