How iPhone 6S Plus stabilized video compares to the iPhone 6S

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We shot side-by-side videos in 4K to test how optical image stabilization helps the Plus shoot smoother footage. Check out the footage side by side.

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32 Comments on How iPhone 6S Plus stabilized video compares to the iPhone 6S

  1. until apple makes the base model of the iphone at least 32gb (it should be 64), and upgrading the iphone 6s to a 1080 screen, which nowadays is standard, I won't be buying an iphone

  2. The thing is even the 5s waa launch they say that it improved the video stabilization of the phone it self but now why its much more shaky is it because of the software that Apple really wants us to just go to the bigger phone. So sad.

  3. im so comfused whether to buy an iPhone this year. usually id never have to think. Love Apple but ive been using the LGG4 and its really good. sitting here thinking of reserving iPhone 6S+ Help!!!

  4. Yep. This is one of the reasons I got the 6s+ And also the bigger screen is awesome for watching videos on YouTube. Who needs an iPad now a days?! Phablet is the thing and I finally made the switch from the 5s.

  5. iPhone 6s Plus is better here as well. OIS does help and the battery performance is way better. At least give you a day unlike the smaller version. However the smaller phone is easy to use with one hand. There is a trade off either way but bigger screen with more stand 1080p resolution is also great.

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