Hot Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Cases By Caseology

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Hot Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Cases By Caseology
Buy them here, – S7 Vault – S7 Parallax – S7 Envoy Leather – S7 Wavelength – S7 Carbon Fiber – S7 Skyfall – S7 Edge Wavelength – S7 Edge Envoy Leather – S7 Edge Carbon Fiber – S7 Edge Parallax – S7 Edge Skyfall

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49 Comments on Hot Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Cases By Caseology

  1. Hey man which one do you think looks best on the adamantium s7 edge? I love the color options but Im worried the gold trim will look weird. Its hard to see in videos or pics so I was wondering how they look in real life.

  2. I forgot that you have big ass hands so I was like "maybe the s7 isn't as big as I thought it was" But I'm only 13 and already have an s5 and I have baby hands so I have to use it 2 hands, might have to get an Iphone is my parents let me so I can do 1 hand usage.

    lately I've been between S6 Edge Plus Silver Titanium & S7 Edge Silver Titanium for update my S4 finally;
    and like you said, cases are manditory, especially S6 and upper series because of the glass body. fingerprints&sweat etc.
    So I REALIZED we are actually not buy a phone, we are buying the cases, we are buying the looks. Cause everybody got Samsung tho, I dont want to show my Samsung logo or Samsung body to anyone. they all look same without cases.
    buuuuuuuuuuuuut; I didnt feel the Caseology Envoy Carbon Fiber for S7 Edge, to me S6 Edge Plus Caseology looks better
    I watched your videos, and I mixed that two cases on Paint, so I look at them both and S7 Edge cases are disappointing
    Just because of that I decided to go with Silver S6 Edge Plus & Caseology S6 Edge Plus Envoy Carbonfiber
    What do you think? Am I right, did I do right choice? ( I dont need SD card, we are in 2016, its google drive cloud time )
    i only feel like I didnt get water and dust proof + maybe getting updates a little lately than S7 Edge. But I think S6 Edge Plus is winner vs S7 Edge… Im looking forward to your response&opinion, oh I almost forgot, I picture you rollin, deuces.

  4. @Flossy Carter just dropped my edge in the crib: faceplant on the concrete garage floor smh starburst with the spider legs all over the place. im all over the supcase unicorn beetle pro wave (minus that holster that's going in the garbage). taking the $175 deductible loss got me on extra lip protection mode – let me know how you feel about that joint

  5. has anyone else noticed that with some of these and the spigen cases, that it can be tough to reach the very edge of the screen on the standard S7? the raised edges of the case make it hard to reach the edge of the screen due to the small bezels of the S7. Floss have you found any cases that don't suffer from this problem?

  6. My favs were the parallax & the wavelength. But you're right they all look good! Thx for this review/show and tell. No one does this for cases and they should!

  7. Hey floss,can you answer 1 question I've seen others brush over, is the quality and clarity of da edge speaker, good other bad, leaving out the excuse of waterproof, for nearly 800euro, i don't see that as a good excuse, to give one at da expense of another

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