Honeycomb 3.1 Tips & Tricks – Android, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

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This is using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Google IO Edition, but almost everything I cover should apply to all current Honeycomb tablets.
This covers changing your UAString, setting and removing default applications, thumb keyboard, and a whole lot more.

The video did cut out early, but I pretty much covered most of the things I wanted to show. The only thing I did not get a chance to show is ADW Launcher EX which works nicely with Honeycomb.

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  1. when I search on Google I prefer to use the classic version instead of the tablet version . when. I choose classic it kicks me out of the browser over n over then after about 5 or 6x it goes to classic. is it Google or the galaxy?? Thanks

  2. Well what crashes mainly is the apps; I havent had problems with the tablett proveedores. I will take in hand what you told me about the auto kill, did not know that. do you think SPB or Go Launcher takes much of the battery? a million thanks!!

  3. Hi, love the work. Question: How come the black bar (using minimalistic text > static text) doesn't show on the screen after I click 'ok'? The bar is saved but it doesn't show on the screen. (Sometimes it does show on the screen. Using ADW launcher ex in a galaxy tab 10.1, 3.1 Honeycomb) Thanks in advance.

  4. does upgrading to honeycomb have a chance to brick ur tablet?

    becouse i get a new 1 tomorrow i never had 1 and i readed u got market and it got mutch faster with this.

    i just wanna know is there any chance my tablet will brick?

  5. @darkdog4440 Use "Wallpaper Wizardrii." It allows you to make the image you choose without cutting anything off. It's in Android Market.

    Sometimes, when using the app, you need to close the the app and re-open it, to get ALL of your pictures in your picture files to show up in the application. Then just choose a photo, choose "set," and "scrollable" or "non-scrollable," whichever you prefer, and it will put the image on the Tab perfectly. I use it on my phone, also, by the way. Works great.

  6. I have the newest TouchWiz update as of 8-20-11. But the problem I'll describe happened even before that:

    It's impossible to view NON-YOUTUBE embedded videos properly on any certain sites when in Android mode. When you click on an embedded non-Youtube video on a site like "io9" (a scifi blog), for instance, you end up with a "play" button stuck in the middle of the screen during playback, but it works fine in Desktop mode. But, in Desktop mode, embedded Youtube vids become unclickable.

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