Homescreen Tips & Tricks – Android Theming 101, Episode 5

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This video will help Android users, both new and intermediate, with setting up their homescreens correctly and without any hassle.

Here are the links to all the apps mentioned:
Desktop VisualizeR (not mentioned but still used often):
Zooper Widget:
Minimalistic Text:
ES File Explorer File Manager:
Multipicture Live Wallpaper:
Photo Editor:
Wallpaper Wizardrii:
Image 2 Wallpaper:

Free fonts that I’ve collected so far:

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19 Comments on Homescreen Tips & Tricks – Android Theming 101, Episode 5

  1. @2birdsproshoppe make sure wallpaper scrolling is on on your launcher, if it is, turn it off then on again, if that still doesn't work, maybe try SSLauncher, we have a complete guide for it and it has a multiple screen wallpapers built into it, hope this helps

  2. thanks for the quick response nice to know theres actually someone on the other end of this great subscription after my comment I actually tried reading and found it myself thanks anyway keep up the great work cant wait for the next challenge don't stop customizing

  3. I need help. 1) how do you download on mycolorscreen. 2) I don't understand most of your view. Like how you unzip the file or your grab it from quickpic how do you do that? I'm a beginner obviously. But I really don't get this can you help

  4. I kind of agree. You can't just whip up some icons in 1 hour.
    However, I did some of my own using "Metro Uinvert Dock Icon Set" from *dAKirby309 @Deviantart. He's awesome. It's not as hard as starting from scratch.

    I used them on my phone but I never posted them anywhere, if you use them as base you have to contact him first if you want to share them and give him the proper credit 🙂

  5. 🙂 At the beginning I wanted to do that but now I'm kinda "Okay, I'll stick to my Samsung's ROM and fiddle with other things." I've seen beautiful ROMs and I agree with you, I'd probably love it. But I decided not to get all stressed about bricking my galaxy, I'm not too tech savvy.

  6. Launchers still can't fully save every widget (UCCW and MT need to be reloaded), so my best advice is simply having 2 or 3 similar launchers, and switch between them when you want a different setup…

  7. If you mean designing them then that's all on your creative potential. Creating an icon is actually easy but actually drawing one out from the mind is the challenge. You can't really just follow a tutorial.

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