[Hindi-Audio]-Dead Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Extreme Scrach, Bending & Water Test

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Phone ends with dead after Extreme Tests
Scratch, Bend & Water Test

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https://goo.gl/dwSbmX (Gold 16GB)
https://goo.gl/KHDCvz (Dark Gray 16GB)
https://goo.gl/VqI9qU (Silver 16GB)

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46 Comments on [Hindi-Audio]-Dead Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Extreme Scrach, Bending & Water Test

  1. Bhai tu funny videos banaya kar. phone pura iskiye pani mein nhi jaa rha bcoz tera katora chota tha. bada katora le leta. and i hooe u make more funny videos like this jisme phone ki antariya hila doge

  2. hahaha hp gua aja kegenangan aer langsung modar yg gua pke xiaomi note 3 pro.. setelah ketukang service nyala lagi,, layarnya jd ada bercak air sama cameranya rusak kga bisa dibuka.. hpnya rada ringkih beda sama asus zenfone 4 gua uda kena ujan jatoh ketetesan air kuat kga mati2.. ga tau knp xiaomi kya ringkih bget mgkin klo ga sengaja jatoh pasti pecah layarnya lngsung

  3. nice video ! but mr.reviewer please use some english words so that ppl who dono Hindi (like me)can also understand ! for example "no scratches after using knife " after you say it in hindi ! or else do a seperate video in english please

  4. I had also bought this phone but I had not tested it by water yet coz I think it's risky for my phone . What if I take this phone in swimming pool to capture my pic in water?

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