Heroes of Dragon Age iOS Farming Tips and Tricks for Quests, Combining, and Battles

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In this Heroes of Dragon Age video, I was inspired by High Kicks Asian to do a Heroes of Dragon Age farming and tips video, kinda like I did with Injustice.

Sidelining my Dalish Hunter because I received the Grey Warden Rogue finally last night, and what I like about him is he attacks fast, gains only 4 Power and 17 Health a level at the first rank, and I find that advantageous to elimiinate someone early.

The Wintersend Dragon is a very squishy unit, but he has two advantages, he’s a Quick unit, meaning he has a very good chance of wiping someone out early, especially if he does 2X Damage, and now with the Rogue, I can probably pick someone…

28 Comments on Heroes of Dragon Age iOS Farming Tips and Tricks for Quests, Combining, and Battles

  1. Thanks for the videos…I have been playing this for a couple of weeks and really needed these tips you've shared.  Another thing that I've found is that the daily events can be a be help in gaining items like runes and gems…and sometimes a epic or legendary.  Thanks again!  :-)

  2. so far i have like this.. first enchanter orsino I epic, fenris I epic, corypheus I epic, grey warden bethany I epic, tenvinter laetan mage IV which is the free one rare, circle mage bethany I rare, my desire demon I rare, grey warden mage I rare, tenvinter battlemage I rare, a dalish warrior I rare, and the huge champ which is crap.. can't seem to get a rare one or an epic 🙁 Halla IV which has normal hit rate, 358 power, 1172 health at lvl 14…

  3. hmmm… level 17, 131 gems and only 1 epic ? pretty weak.. i have 3 epic mages / hitting all targets and 1 epic swordsman doublehanded also hitting all of them + a few good rares, included the demon which has medium stun chances

  4. Which is more important health or power for your big character ?
    I've got a pride demon with 554 power and 3149 health or should I use my wintersend halls with 750 power but only 2110 health please help !! 

  5. i had better luck with the opening soldier packs one at a time got a legendary and an epic doing it that way. oh and if you keep on repeating the challenge mission on the 2nd map you could get the epic lady of the forest

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