Heres what the Sony Xperia Z5 Camera can do!

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Comprehensive test of Xperia Z5 Camera Quality, Lossless Zoom, HDR, Macros, Low Light and 4K Video!
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  1. The camera quality is great in good light. The post-processing can be excessive but then the Galaxy S7 and other phones are no better – they just sharpen the details more and that doesn't necessarily mean better quality. However, the biggest downfall with the Z5 is its lens. Corners are blurred and many users have complained about it being imbalanced with more blur on the left. When I take landscapes, the area of sharp focus is rather narrow and it starts to exhibit blur slightly off of that area (even on distant objects that are at approximately the same distance). I understand this is a wide angle f2.0 lens but it still compromises the overall image quality even when you crop it.

  2. I want to buy this phone, but lg g4 is far better in camera comparison. Design of Sony is pretty awesome, but i thought it would be better than this camera options. It`s out of colors, blurry edges without focus, what`s wrong? i don`t understand

  3. i dont know man i like the camera button . but i had the Sony xperia z2 and i was not impressed with the photos . they had a weird bleu tint on it . and they werent detailed. at all . maybe 1 photo of the 30 you make will look good .
    now im thinking what i am going to buy next week

    . annyone suggestions ?

  4. just want to make it clear….. this and every other Sony Z phone takes much better images at 8MP than 20MP.
    There is a reason for why superior auto preferes 8MP…. Also, for some weird reason is the autofocus put on face recognision in the beginning, change that, anything else is better.

  5. Please ,please ,please ,please I am dying to learn how to take macro pictures , I have the Z5 compact and would like to know what settings and how do I do it . 2:00 into the video you had some samples of Superior Auto _ Macro scene .
    Please how can I do that ? Thanks great video for the Z5 beginners like me

  6. nothing special to be honest, my old xperia v which i still have cuz i dont see any point to buy a new phone because everything is the just some things are different. oh back to my point. – my phones has similar quality in camre just samller resolution + also sony did not improved their camre, colors still look like london (not bright and stuff)

  7. Even I got the Sony Z5 Dual and tested out the camera… My opinion is that S6 or Note 5 camera is way better than Z5…. The best thing I liked about Z5 is the battery life and the design… Also the IP67 certification though…

  8. I hate sony cameras, they look awful in my opinion! Lights are exploded, skies are noisy! And contrast is awful for me. I used my friends Z2 couple of times. In low light my HTC One m8 did a better job with 4.7 pixels ?. In addition I wasn't able to edit the photos that I took in the way that I want… Also sensors were the same till Z5. Thought that they would change somethings and make bigger individual pixels with less megapixels, but still they are focusing on more detail in vain! Their colors just awful. Photos cannot be edited! I mean why on earth would you buy an Xperia for its camera! For gods sake sony, do it like the others!

  9. what's it like for downloading music for free though? As I like to listen to new music as I get really bad anxiety if I don't listen to something?

  10. Zoom is horrible, look at ah Lumia 1020 much more better. Some cases eaven my 3 year L920 doing better. Im some cases it is doing really good. But on other situations washed out colours.
    Lumia 950 is much more better than this.

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