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Frostbite, the company behind the engine used in games such as Dragon Age: Inquisition and Need For Speed Rivals, has revealed that it has managed to get parts of Battlefield 4 running on iOS.

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  1. I dont reckon it will out do consoles. I see it as just a nifty way to be like sitting on the bus and just pull your ipad out and play some battlefield. Consoles and PC's will always be dominant because i doubt you can fit a Core i7 extreme, 32gb ram, dual gtx 980's and controller or mouse and keyboard! To be able to chill with some mates with controllers and play some Forza and shit! Just my personal opinion :)

  2. HAHAHAHA those screenshots could not be more fake. if devs are having a hard time making games run 100% smooth on the next gen systems, making those "same" games run on any iOS device is a joke.

  3. Frostbite is not a company you dumb fuckers at IGN. Do some research. Frostbite was created by DICE, Digital Illusions CE and EA owns the rights to the engine.

  4. Damn IGN, Frostbite is the name of the engine, the company behind it isn't named frostbite, it's DICE, it's the Swedish company behind Battlefield and all the titles except Hardline.


  5. This is the shit I don't get, how come they can port games like Bioshock and BF4 to a fucking tablet which specs are clearly bellow consoles but they can't make the console game 1080p 60FPS?… that's bullshit

  6. Great! Now we don't have to worry about last gen ports holding back games, but instead we have to worry about phone ports.  Also that picture is more depressing than impressive… it looks like its below the lowest PC settings and doesn't even have character models, AI, or any effects going yet.

  7. Do people really buy games on phones ? I only play Clash of clans and Boom beach for 5 minutes everyday. I don't understand how phones going to take over consoles and PC. How the hell do people play battlefield on a small screen.

  8. It would be great seeing it run a mobile device, but battery will be a major issue when playing games like this, and also the heat. We've seen huge jumps in graphics but it's been sometime since we actually saw some innovation in the battery part of mobile devices. Just hope if they do bring something like this, that mobile battery manufactures could increase battery life when gaming on them.

  9. They can manage to run Battlefield 4 with 64 players lobby multiplayer at 1080p 60fps on a mobile device and guess what….. Mobile still for Casuals. Never in the far future will be better to play a game on a 5 or 10 inch screen with touchscreen controls over a 16 or 19+ inches monitor/tv with a controller or mouse and keyboard. Never.

  10. Playstation sucks, If psn could stay up for more than a day then it would be down for maintenance AGAIN. No games,check. Indies, check. Paying online is the same as playing offline

  11. I can see it now. 1,000.00 for the gaming version of an i phone. They already charge 500.00 + for an iphone with 64 gig hard drive. Battlefield 4 is some where in the neighborhood of 50 gigs. ( no map packs )  Remember all IOS products don't offer expandable storage like an sd mini.

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