Hands on with the new Sony Xperia Z5 family

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Sony’s new Xperia Z5 is part of a family. The new line comes in three models: the Xperia Z5 compact, Standard Xperia Z5 and the Premium model, which Sony is calling a “super flagship phone”.

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29 Comments on Hands on with the new Sony Xperia Z5 family

  1. I don't think it would be a good thing have them for a US carrier. Currently Z1 and Z3 were on T-Mobile, but that floods the market with a lot of phones I can't use since I have AT&T. Endless they Qwere on ALL carriers across the board, but this would slow down Android updates process pass carrier inspection. Downer. The real issue is $. So either credit card no interest for 6-12 mo. OR! Sony becomes the bank and handout credit lines to Sony products, locking you in as a loyal Sony consumers!

  2. This thing has a 4K display, 810 v2, 3gb of ram, dxo rates it as best smartphone camera, micro sd, waterproof, quick charging, looks absolutely stunning and that remote play which is a dream for gamers. The only thing that people may not like about it is the dated Ui but I honestly like it because it's very simple. Quite easy for iPhone users like me to jump ship

  3. People these days really don't think anymore. The mirror back is basically a way to use the 23MP camera for selfies. Innovation guys! These have been implemented by Sony way back Sony Ericsson days with the small round mirror underneath the back camera. Before front cameras were introduce. People just don't know how to use them. Geeezzz…. That's how Sony thinks.

  4. ur scraching ur head over the mirror back which can be used for back cam selfies so u can c ur self in it. and the 4k display is good for if u wana use ur phone in an after market 3d head gear.

  5. A massive thumbs down!
    To your review! I absolutely loved the phone and i feel the phone is really near perfect with the new fingerprint sensor, edgy design and of course the mirror finish that I loved the most!! You are a bad reviewer and really criticized the phone way too far. Well whatever the case might be it is still better than iphone 6s(shit), its got micro SD and in India it is dual sim!

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